Het Nederlandse Smalspoorwegmuseum

The Dutch Narrow Gauge Railway Museum near Valkenburg (ZH) is run by volunteers. There are several steam locomotives and a couple of diesels. The workshop has interesting components in various states of (dis)repair. Visitors can go for (shortish) rides on both diesel and steam trains. It is nicely set up and is a pleasant destination for adults as well as children.
The station IMG 3492 Smalspoorwegmuseum-1 Preparing for a ride
Smalspoorwegmuseum-3 Smalspoorwegmuseum-4 Smalspoorwegmuseum-5 Some nice old engineering
Smalspoorwegmuseum-8 IMG 3471 IMG 3466 Smalspoorwegmuseum-7
Smalspoorwegmuseum-9 Smalspoorwegmuseum-10 IMG 3468 Smalspoorwegmuseum-13
Smalspoorwegmuseum-14 Nice old-style carriages ... with wooden seats When advertising was less sophisticated
Smalspoorwegmuseum-18 Smalspoorwegmuseum-19 IMG 3512 At the end of the line the engine is shunted off on to a loop of track which takes it back behind the carriages.
Smalspoorwegmuseum-20 The front of the engine is then coupled to the back of the carriages One of the diesel engines Open seating for the diesel ride.
IMG 3559 A work in progress. Less progress No comment
Smalspoorwegmuseum-24 Smalspoorwegmuseum-25 Smalspoorwegmuseum-26 Smalspoorwegmuseum-27
Smalspoorwegmuseum-28 IMG 3570 Smalspoorwegmuseum-29 IMG 3497-2